2023 3rd International Conference on Computational Modeling, Simulation and Data Analysis (CMSDA 2023)

Prof. Daowen Qiu


Prof. Daowen Qiu

Sun Yat-Sen University, China


Speech Title: Distributed quantum algorithm for Simon's problem


Limited by today's physical devices, quantum circuits are usually noisy and difficult to be designed deeply. The novel computing architecture of distributed quantum computing is expected to reduce the noise and depth of quantum circuits. In this talk, we present the Simon's problem in distributed scenarios and design a distributed quantum algorithm to solve the problem.  The algorithm proposed by us has the advantage of exponential acceleration compared with the classical distributed computing, and has the advantage of square acceleration compared with the best distributed quantum algorithm proposed before. In particular, the previous distributed quantum algorithm for Simon's problem cannot be extended to the case of more than two computing nodes (i.e. two subproblems), but our distributed quantum algorithm can be extended to the case of multiple computing nodes (i.e. multiple subproblems) as well.


Prof. Daowen Qiu has been a full professor of computer science in Sun Yat-sen University since 2004, and his research interests are focused on, quantum models of computing (e.g., quantum finite automata), distributed quantum algorithms, quantum communication, fuzzy and probabilistic automata as well as their applications to discrete event systems. He has published peer-reviewed over 140 papers in international journals. He is editors of some international academic journals, including: Theoretical Computer Science, Quantum Reports, Frontiers in Computer Science.